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Cloning Group was founded in 1988, the history of 20 years of development and construction, is a cloned human perseverance and the pursuit of excellence business history, but also a history of the development of talented people. Various talents clone brilliant career achievements, but also realized the value of his own extraordinary life. Currently, the Group has entered into a new clone stage, future career development needs a strong foundation of human resources, corporate entrepreneurship journey but also for new talent to showcase their talent and realize the dream of the vast arena.
We always adhere to the people-oriented, the amount was used meritocracy of talent thriving enterprise development strategy, human resources as the primary resource to create a century enterprises, human resource development with unlimited broad space for development. The company always pursue common development of enterprises and employees, relying on professional systems and technologies for a wide range of multi-faceted for talent to create a good growing conditions; adhere to the doctrine of education, innovation, development-oriented, Kejifuli, Lund motto in life is to cultivate dedication, selfless dedication, work style clones employees with the company’s achievements in the development of talent centennial.
Broaden the channels for employee growth and success. Reorientation were established from the general staff to the promotion of the growth of the channel, Employment for ways to improve the selection, evaluation criteria established different categories of personnel, smooth the career development of staff.
In order to improve the quality of cadres, improve technical operations, strengthening enterprise management, enhance employee cohesion, we formulate the company’s training programs have deep-level requirements. The common combination of training and professional training; theoretical knowledge and practical work combines; supervisor responsible for training departments combined. To-face, practice, teaching and other electronic forms Dolly unfold. Always keep up with the company’s direction, in many ways, combined with today’s advanced multi-level business management experience and technology skills continue to improve the existing training system, so that employees really benefit from the training, and the training of the resulting knowledge , skills to work and production.
Provide comprehensive, competitive salary and benefits for employees. Company employees build five insurance and housing fund, and is a frequent Gongchu staff handled the accident insurance. Advocating harmonious working life status, provide paid leave for employees, regular employees and provide all kinds of medical care. It offers apartment living for foreign employees, set up canteens.
The company has an independent trade union committees and committee staff to create a harmonious and equitable work environment; company taking care of life for employees, so that the relationship between employees and between employees and corporate employees more harmonious. Staff do a lot of practical things, to solve many employees worry about. We consistently give full play to the majority of workers unions contact bridge and link. To play the role of Party organizations and Party members and pioneering role in the fighting force, the use of blackboard, party forum columns, establish party list, the company party’s photo, name, position on the list of party members to increase civic pride, a sense of mission and responsibility, the use of billboards Post photos of star employees, for the purpose of setting an example, let us learn from them, we all know the power of examples is endless, and establish awareness of star employees, unions do everyday at work, carried out a series of cultural and sports activities, and The content of the activity, the effect on the "clone culture" factory publication publicity.
Cloning technology to enhance our core capability of independent innovation, the company cooperates with domestic universities graduate training program, keep savings and develop top talent in various fields.
Emphasis on grassroots team building company, to play an exemplary role model and advanced models, the establishment of diverse bonus items to reward staff for outstanding contributions to inspire all kinds of talents and innovative learning initiative, creating for the creation of "Hongye hundred years" to contribute good atmosphere.

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